Aquaseal for Leather | Conditioner and Preserver (4 oz & 8 oz)

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Keep your leather boots, shoes, and other accessories in top condition with Aquaseal for Leather. This powerful conditioner and preserver is available in both 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, making it easy to choose the perfect amount for your needs.

Designed for use on smooth leather, Aquaseal is ideal for a variety of items including work boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, western boots, motorcycle boots, golf shoes, and soccer shoes. Its longest lasting formula effectively stops water penetration, protecting leather fibers from damage and replacing essential oils lost due to wear and weather. This helps to keep leather soft and flexible for longer.

What sets Aquaseal apart from other leather conditioners is its crème formula, which provides legendary staying power that exceeds that of regular liquid waterproofers. Suitable for use on all types of smooth and grained finished leathers, Aquaseal is not intended for use on suede or nubuck leathers.

To use Aquaseal, simply apply it with your fingers or a clean cloth after ensuring the leather is free of dirt and grime. While the conditioner may darken the leather moderately, this can be minimized by testing in a hidden small area before applying to the entire surface. Allow the first coat to dry for 1 hour before applying a second coat and leaving it to dry overnight. If a light haze appears, simply brush or buff lightly.

Keep your leather items looking and feeling great with Aquaseal for Leather.
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