Aquaseal Cork Sealant Preserver (2 oz)

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Keep your favorite sandals and espadrilles looking fresh and protected with Aquaseal Cork Sealant Preserver. This specially formulated sealant is designed for footwear with cork soles, such as popular brands like Birkenstock.

Not only does Aquaseal Cork Sealant Preserver help protect your footwear against water damage, but it also prevents chipping and abrasions, enhancing the overall appearance of your shoes. By defending against the erosion of the cork surface, this product helps extend the life of your favorite sandals, ensuring you can enjoy them for seasons to come.

Using Aquaseal Cork Sealant Preserver is easy. Simply start with clean cork, shake the bottle well, and apply a coat to all cork surfaces while avoiding contact with the uppers of the footwear. Allow it to dry overnight, and reapply as needed to keep your cork preserved and looking its best.

For additional maintenance of your footwear, consider using Aquaseal products to clean, condition, and waterproof the uppers of your sandals and espadrilles. With Aquaseal Cork Sealant Preserver, you can keep your favorite footwear looking great and performing well for all your adventures.
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