Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn (9.5")

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  • Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn 9.5
  • Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn 9.5
  • Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn 9.5
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The Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn (9.5") is the perfect tool for slipping on your shoes with ease and without discomfort. Say goodbye to struggling to put on your shoes and damaging the heel in the process. With this shoe horn, you can effortlessly slide your foot into any shoe without any pain or hassle.

Made in Italy, this shoe horn is of top quality and design. The sleek and stylish colors available make it a fashionable accessory that you won't want to hide away in a drawer. You can proudly display it by your shoe rack or entrance, ready for whenever you need it.

Measuring at 9.5 inches, this shoe horn is the perfect size for easy handling and storage. It is compact enough to fit in your bag or drawer, yet long enough to assist with putting on any type of shoe. No more straining your fingers or damaging your shoes in the process.

Don't let putting on your shoes be a difficult or painful task. The Sienna Tartuga Shoe Horn is here to make your life easier and more comfortable. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effortless shoe wearing with this stylish and practical shoe horn.
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