Renia Rehagol - Primer for TR (Yellow Primer for Thermoplastic Rubber) (100 & 250 ml)

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  • Thermoplastic rubber (TR) exists in many different kinds. There are mixtures which can not or can only
    insufficiently be bonded by CR- and PUR-based cements. In this case a pre-treatment with Renia –
  • Rehagol is absolutely necessary.
    To identify thermoplastic rubber put some drops of Renia – deSohl on to the material and check its
    solubility by wiping with a towel. If the surface is dissolved by the solvent the material is thermoplastic
  • Latex, a very soft, dull and rubberlike material, also requires pretreatment with Renia – Rehagol.



  • Renia – Rehagol can only be applied in combination with one the following Renia – adhesives:
  • Renia – Colle de Cologne; Renia – Multi-Colle;Renia – Syntic =Total=; Renia – Renol =Asti=;Renia – Aquilim =130=;
  • Before applying Renia – Rehagol the material needs to be ground and
    cleaned from dust. Then coat the material with Renia – Rehagol by using a metal-free brush and let
    the primer impact on the surface for a certain period. Depending on the Renia – adhesive to be
    applied after halogenation the reaction time varies from 0 (Aquilim) and 5 (Syntic) to 60 minutes:
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