Prepping Your Baseball Glove for the Season

Prepping Your Baseball Glove for the Season

It’s almost spring and even if MLB players and owners can’t make a deal, thousands of youth, high school, recreation, and college baseball teams are about to get into full swing. For many players, that means breaking in a new glove, or digging out that old glove and giving it new life.

I’m sure a number of you have wondered if there’s a better way to break in a new glove than putting the ball in then slathering the mitt in shaving cream (or some other old advice).

Good news! There is a better way! A small family-owned company based out of Green Bay, WI, has engineered a terrific baseball glove conditioner. Pecard Baseball Glove Conditioner will soften your new glove for the upcoming season, clean and condition an older glove that may have stiffened up. Easy application and high-quality ingredients mean a more effective and safer method than older remedies that might cause cracking and other leather damage. Plus, an application of Pecard adds waterproof protection to any glove.

Some players like to freshen up gloves by restringing them with new leather laces, a good choice if the strings are old and worn, or you just want something different. These strands are made by a division of Rawlings so you can be sure they are high quality and the right thickness necessary for a glove.

Here at ShoeandBootAccessories4U, we have all you need to get your new or much-loved leather baseball gloves in top shape, as the season warms up! 

Mar 01, 2022 Sean Romeo

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