Effective and Safe Cleaning for UGGs and other Sheepskin

UGG brand boots, and some other high end winter boots of that style, are made of what is called sheepskin. This is a very delicate material that requires care to maintain their fresh look, and more importantly, their naturally water-repellant quality. That means using specific products to properly clean them and protect them during the winter season

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The first step to proper protection is to clean the boots fully, removing any caked-on dirt and other surface dirt using a soft bristle nylon brush. Next, use a top quality product made explicitly for cleaning these type of boots such as Moneysworth and Best’s Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner.

Moisten the entire area first with cold water a gentle sponge, and then apply the solution with a sponge. Once applied to the entire outer surface, let the boot dry—either outside on a dry day, or indoors in a well-ventilated area. For tough stains, once again use the nylon brush in gentle sweeping motions. This will remove any stains or other dirt on the shoe and provide a clean surface for the water protector to be applied.

Cleaning in action

Foaming Cleaning Agent

The next step for proper protection is to use a water repellent specifically designed for sheepskin. Moneysworth and Best also produces a product designed specifically for delicate materials like Uggs and boots like them, available here. Also available is the Angelus Boot Spray, which is available here. This is an easy-to-apply spray on product and will protect your boots against water and various stains, especially those that occur in winter, like road salt.

Take your time and spray the entire boot or shoe, evenly covering the entire outside (excluding the bottom sole). Once applied, let your boots dry again, for about an hour, and then apply a second full coat, and let dry overnight for full and complete protection.

Over the course of several years of wear, boots like these may benefit from a bit of renewal and rejuvenation, either in small worn spots, or overall appearance. For example, the heel cap on UGGs is made from suede. For that, you’ll want a suede renew product like Angelus Suede Renew, which will bring back the original color and feel of the suede, while reintroducing moisture to the suede in a safe and effective way.

After some elbow grease and hard work, your UGGs will look brand new once again!

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Feb 14, 2022 Sean Romeo, UGGs donated by Eliara Quesia

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