Angelus Walk on Black Bottom Coat Restorer

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The Angelus Walk on Black Bottom Coat Restorer is a specially formulated paint designed to restore the bottom coat of black shoe soles. This product is perfect for those looking to touch up worn out or scuffed soles, making your shoes look brand new again.

One of the key benefits of this restorer is that it can be applied repeatedly on top of itself without the need to sand. This means you can easily touch up any areas that may have become worn or damaged over time, without having to go through the hassle of sanding down the entire sole.

Made with a hardening agent, this restorer is designed to provide a long-lasting application. The hardening agent ensures that the paint bonds securely to the sole, creating a durable finish that can withstand the daily wear and tear of walking.

Once applied, the Angelus Walk on Black Bottom Coat Restorer will dry at a solid black color with a glossy coat, providing a sleek and polished finish to your soles. Whether you're looking to restore an old pair of shoes or simply touch up some scuffed soles, this product is a must-have for any shoe enthusiast.

Revitalize your shoes with the Angelus Walk on Black Bottom Coat Restorer and give your footwear the makeover it deserves.
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