Angelus 21 Piece Air Brush Cleaning Kit

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  • Angelus 21 Piece Air Brush Cleaning Kit
  • Angelus 21 Piece Air Brush Cleaning Kit


Maintaining your airbrushes has never been easier than with the Angelus 21 Piece Airbrush Cleaning Kit. This comprehensive kit offers all the tools you need to keep your airbrushes clean and free from clogs.

No more wasting time and energy trying to unclog your airbrushes. With the Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Kit, you can effortlessly clear clogged nozzles and get back to your artwork in no time.

The kit includes a variety of tools to suit your cleaning needs. The 10 Needle Assortment provides options for clearing different types of clogs, ensuring that no nozzle remains blocked. The Mini Nylon Brushes are perfect for cleaning smaller parts and intricate details, while the Black Nylon Tube Brushes are ideal for larger areas.

Say goodbye to stubborn paint residue with the Bridgel Brush, equipped with a handle for easy control and a thorough clean. The Copper Tube Brush is ideal for reaching those hard-to-access areas, ensuring that even the smallest crevices are free from debris. And for those tough, stubborn clogs, the Broom Style Nylon Brush is the perfect solution.

The Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists. Whether you’re using water-based or solvent-based paints, this kit will keep your airbrushes in perfect condition.

Don’t let clogged airbrushes hinder your creativity. Invest in the Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Kit today and enjoy hassle-free airbrush cleaning. It’s time to get back to creating beautiful artwork without the frustration of clogs.

Order your Angelus 21 Piece Airbrush Cleaning Kit now and discover the joy of continuous and uninterrupted airbrushing.
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